Work Stress In Pregnant Women Affect The Baby Weight

Levels of work stress in pregnant women greatly affect the weight of the baby to be born. And that, according a research as bad as the women smoked during pregnancy.

RNW released work stress in pregnant women is as bad as smoking. And the baby’s weight to be borne, directly proportional to the level of stress due to working hours.

“Babies of pregnant women who doing stressful work 32 hours per week on average 159 grams lighter than babies who did not experience maternal stress during pregnancy. Similar result is like a pregnant woman who smokes six cigarettes per day, ” said Tanje Vrijkotte from the Academisch Medich Centrum Amsterdam in his research.

This conclusion he got after conducting research to about 1.000 children. He said, “Smoking usually referred to as a major cause babies born with low weight”


Work Stress In Pregnant Women  is formed Cortisol

He also found that following this study, work stress in pregnant women can be classed as bad as smoking. In the body of women who experience stress at work, is formed cortisol, the stress hormone.

And this, cause cortisol entered the placenta. This hormone affects fetal growth, especially in early pregnancy.

From this research, Tanje Vrijkotte recommended for pregnant women to stop working, since the beginning of pregnancy. He said “Generally pregnant women take maternity leave before childbirth, but with this new knowledge is better to reduce the work from the early of pregnancy”


Steps to Lower Work Stress In Pregnant Women

Quote from, there are several steps you can take to reduce work stress On Pregnant Women:

1. Talk with your employer

Talk to your boss about your pregnancy, ask your boss about maternity leave and give an explanation of health benefits you can expect. A good idea to know your rights on the Law Family and Medical Leave Act before you do this conversation. When the right time to tell your employer? Usually the pregnant women wait until after their first trimester, it’s really up to you when the right time for you talk to your boss. Think about any possibillities, if you are worried about losing your job or simply being left out of the loop while you’re on leave. Get clarity from your boss about what will you get  on maternity leave so you’re not surprised (and underfunded) after your baby is born. As much as possible, write down the information you get. So you can plan your budget wisely, where this will help relieve your work in terms of financial and can lower your stress level.

2. Update your resume

Be prepared for whatever happens that can cause your stress levels go up during pregnancy. For example you are concerned with the health benefits your company won’t meet your growing family’s needs, think about your working hours make you do not have time for your baby, or worried about layoffs, consider the hunt for a new job. Employers that hire pregnant women, so revamp your resume and be open to any opportunities you may hear about. Of course it may not seem too appealing to take on a job hunt while you’re waddling around and bursting out of your work clothes, but just think: It’ll be easier for you to look for a job now than when you have a newborn at home. And even if you don’t end up switching jobs, just knowing that you have a resume ready to go in the event of a layoff or a new (and great) opening will help give you peace of mind.

3. Focus on the present (and the positive!)

Do something positive and try to stop thinking about what could go wrong. There’s no sense thinking about bad things that could happen in the workplace. After you set up your savings as best you can, then focus on the positive things that happened today – like the fact that you will soon have a baby, spend your time looking at your belly, think of your baby’s name, and singing softly to your baby, this will soothe you and away you from stress

Thus about several steps that you can do to reduce work stress in pregnant women, hope can be a consideration for pregnant women who want to keep doing her job during pregnancy.

Work Stress In Pregnant Women
Work Stress In Pregnant Women


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  • Work Stress During Pregnancy.
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