Breast Feeding With Implants: Is It Possible?

Breast Feeding With Implants – Some women might consider some things before they are getting breast implant. One of those things to consider is whether it is possible or not to breastfeed with implants. For your information, the way the breast augmentation surgery was performed holds important role in determining the ability to breastfeed. However, the opportunity for women to breast feeding with implants is high. Most women who got breast implants find breastfeeding is easy with implants.

As basic information, breast implants are bags which are filled with silicone gel or salt water. These bags are put behind the breast tissue through surgery process. The surgery will push the breasts so the breasts look larger and fuller with implants. The scar tissue might form around the implant and keep it separate from milk ducts and the rest of breast tissue. Any implant type which you choose, you need to ensure that your implants cannot leak into your breast. You need to remember that the way the breast augmentation surgery is performed is able to affect your ability to breast feeding with implants. There is a possibility to breast tissue to be cut and milk glands are damaged. The type of incision made is highly important. Incision made under the breast or in the armpit can prevent the damage. Incision made around the areola has the possibility to damage the nerves.

Issue with Breastfeeding

Issue with Breastfeeding

Breast implants are able to be put between breast tissue and chest muscle. These also can be put under the chest muscle. Put the implants under the chest muscle is able to present the damage to milk ducts. It is still possible for women to breast feeding with implants. Breastfeeding is highly beneficial for women and their baby. Before breast feeding with implants, you might want to know first that breast implants can decrease the milk which is stored in the breast. There is also a possibility for implants to press the closes breast tissue. It will cause the portion of tissue to die. The nerves close areola can be cut or damaged. As the result, women are unable to nurse fully.

There is a possibility that implants pinch milk ducts in the breast. This process will block the milk flow which leads your breast to swell. If your breasts are full of milk, you might experience pain. During breast feeding with implants, the pain can increase. After you are undergoing breast augmentation surgery, your nipples can get more or less sensitive. There is a possibility for you to have exaggerated breast engorgement after delivering your baby. Other side effects are including fever, pain, and chills.

Can You Breastfeeding with Implants

Breastfeeding with Implants

Some women also have the concern that their milk are mixed with content of breast implants. They concern that silicone or salt water can harm the baby. The silicone which is used in breast implants is close to silicone babies with gas are treated with. You should know there is a possibility that women experience nerve damage during breast augmentation surgery. It is quite hard to know the full extent of the damage until women are nursing. It is necessary for you to keep the baby’s doctor information about the surgery. In case, your breasts can only produce a portion of the breast, you need to give formula for baby too. Make sure you consult with your health care provider related to breast feeding with implants.


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