10 Maternity Wear Do’s and Don’ts for the Expectant Mum

Maternity wear is a great investment so it is surely worth doing your preparation before you buy. This is an unusual time for you and you deserve to look and feel great! With so many maternity wear to pick from you can surely find the style and fit that achieve for you during pregnancy – turning that bloating to blooming in moments! Here are 10 do’s and don’t to assist you along your way….

 1. DO make the most of your budget

It may seem simple but careful planning of your maternity clothes is an absolute must make sure you have enough threads to see you into the end of pregnancy and beyond.

At approximately 10 – 12 weeks, you will feel your clothes start to tighten. This is a best time to check out what’s on offer. It is hard to believe how your body will change during your pregnancy so it’s important to find clothes that will increase in size with you. Be aware of comfort and fashion in equal measure!

2. DO shop for your pre-pregnancy size

In case you are lucky enough to be all bump during your pregnancy, congratulations! Most ‘Mum’s to Be’ gain a little weight around the edges so bears this in mind when picking the ultra skinny jeans or comfortable fit t-shirts. Almost all maternity manufacturers in reality design their clothes with this in mind and size their clothes appropriately, so don’t be convinced to buy larger sizes to compensate for your increase in size.

Maternity Wear for Expectant Moms

3. DO shop for a few primary items as soon as you can. Maternity wardrobe capsules should undoubtedly include the following;

  • Maternity Jeans – Made to fit your growing bump around under the bump, over the bulge or on the lump.
  • Maternity Maxi Dress – A summertime must keep you comfortable and cool
  • Maternity Vests – Long length pregnancy vests are irreplaceable. An exceptional fitting maternity vest sits comfortably under your bump and certainly will allow you to wear your pre-pregnancy tops a lot more (without your bump protruding!)
  • Party Wear – Just because you’re pregnant does not mean your social life is over. Handle yourself to some glam, feel good pregnancy wear that shows off your curves.
  • Maternity Pyjamas – Comfort during the night will become your first priority soon enough – plus a great pair of PJ’s in hospital post-birth is going to be a relaxation.
  • Maternity Swimsuit / Yoga Pants – Plenty of ‘Mum’s to be’ gain from some light exercise, be it for relaxation, fitness or to prepare for your arrival.

4. DO think about maternity wear that will look good post birth

Almost all expectant mums expect maternity wear to be a short-term wardrobe entry. The truth is, it may take a lot more than anticipated to return to your pre-pregnancy clothes. Keep this in mind when looking for your maternity wear. As an example, try to find trousers that have waist adjusters that grow and shrink as your body does.

5. DO think about what you might need for today AND for following pregnancies

It is very simple to begrudge the cost of your pregnancy wear purchases. You’ll just be in them for 6-9 months maybe? Think again! You can be in them for a year at a time, and for two, three or more pregnancies! In case you are planning on a large brood, think in terms of ‘pregnancy wear investments’, pay a bit more for quality items which will last you throughout.

6. DON’T buy non-maternity clothing just in a larger size

Pregnancy wear is designed principally with your encouragement in your mind. It grows with your body so you simply need to by one (usually your pre-pregnancy) size. Buying larger clothing is only going to be a short-term fix for your growing waistband. Your bigger size will be rapidly outgrown by your bump and you will be back in the stores.

Nicely designed maternity wear gives you some modesty in comparison with everyday clothes from the high street which are unlikely to completely hide your bump. Celebrate your new curves with clothing which are tailored to your contour!

7. DON’T buy super priced items if you can’t afford them

Designer costs can be a step too much while it pays to invest in quality maternity wear items. In the event, you don’t have deep pockets make sure you plan your budget carefully. You’ll just have an enormous outlay of cash coming your way in the form of cots, prams, car seats, baby clothes and so forth if your are pregnant with your first kid!

8. DON’T throw your maternity wardrobe away until you are absolutely sure

Plenty of a mum has been caught out with this! Until you’re completely sure that the patter of tiny feet will be heard in your house do not get rid of your old pregnancy wear. Unless space is a problem, why don’t you pop your clothing into a storage box or into the attic and come back to them at a considerably later date.

9. DO remember to recycle your maternity wear

If you decide that your pregnancy wardrobe is redundant, there are several great ways to recycle your old pregnancy clothes. Place them on eBay, take them to your next NCT (National Childbirth Trust) Nearly New Sale, or contribute to a local charity shop.

10. And lastly, but most importantly DO show off!

This is the magical and most amazing time of your life, so live it, and celebrate the beauty of your curves. Pregnancy / motherhood might be among the hardest jobs you will ever do, but to ‘give life’ is really an amazing and privileged position that should be celebrated.

image: metromela.com

Article publié pour la première fois le 15/08/2015