Pregnancy Risk Assessment – How To Keep Pregnant Women Workers Health

Since there are so many woman workers nowadays, the government has made so many laws to protect them, especially pregnant women. Pregnancy risk assessment is one of the things which all of the company need to do with the pregnant women to keep them healthy and prevent any harm which may happen to the pregnant women.

What is Pregnancy Risk Assessment?

However, not all of the women and companies understand about the pregnancy risk assessment. This assessment is have to be done with the woman itself to make sure that the woman’s condition will be okay while they are working. In fact, there are several things to consider and asked by the company to them. Anyway, to make sure that the company will do the pregnancy risk assessment as soon as possible, the women also need to tell the company as fast as possible about their condition. If they do, hopefully the company will do their best and keep the pregnant women workers health on its best condition without harm the baby and the women.

Things To Consider

According to most of the laws, including PRAMS (Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System), there are several important things which need to be considered by most of the company to the pregnant women. In fact, these lists also will be very useful for most of the pregnant women itself because they could see their own condition and see whether the company already protects her or not. If they haven’t, the women can directly ask the company to help her or find some alternatives to do. Anyway, here is the list.

Pregnancy Risk Assessment
Pregnancy Risk Assessment
  •     Does the woman need to do something in a long time? Such as standing and sitting more than 2-3 hours?

If the answer is yes, they should do something which able to prevent it. In fact, standing too much could bring miscarriage to the woman while sitting could make the risk of thrombosis higher. Other than that, the simplest thing which may occurs is backache which may discomfort the pregnant woman.

  •     Does the woman need to lift something which may stretch or twisting their parts of body? Or maybe brings the lightest items periodically?

If the answer is yes, they should also do something to decrease it. In fact, some of the women who are pregnant and breast-feeding women have more sensitivity which may cause several pains when they do some of the handling.

  •     If there are any of the uniforms or protective wearing, does it suitable for the pregnant woman?

In fact, the condition of the pregnant woman bodies is changing from their common condition. As the effect, the company needs to seek for the most comfortable one for them or seeking for any other alternatives.

  •     Are there any harmful chemical materials which may harm them?

If the answer is yes, the company needs to reduce all of the chemical harm exposure since pregnant woman are more sensitive.

  •     Does the woman still have to work in a long time? Or maybe they will have early start or late finish?

If the woman used to be, then the company should do something to decrease the working time or giving some alternative ways for the woman.

  •     Are the condition surrounding them suitable and will not cause any stress?

The condition here is including the environments and the pressure level.

  •     Is there enough and well-prepared facilities for them to take a rest, to do breastfeeding, etc?

This one includes the hygiene, comfy and some other things which should include.

  • Where To Get Protection?

After you read all of those lists, hopefully you and your company understand what the things that you should achieve are. However, if the company hasn’t give you all of the important things that you need, you can start to ask your doctor or call the Health and Safety Executive helpline on 0845 345 0055. They will be able to help you from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, on Monday until Friday.

However, some of the company also able to go to PRAMS site to understand all of the important things that they should re-considered for their workers. Hopefully, the pregnancy risk assessment will be done nicely and both of the workers and company get the benefits.


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