Pregnancy Complaints in the Workplace

Pregnancy Complaints. If the office policy permits and the doctor had confirmed the condition of your fetus is healthy, Don’t be in a hurry to take maternity leave. It was be intended so that you can have more time with your baby after childbirth, before you return to work. However, you still need a special trick that your plan for maternity leave run smoothly and avoid the various complaints that may come up while at work.

Some of the Pregnancy Complaints that may occur in the workplace

1. Fall or slip

  • When you have to bend, done by bending both legs.
  • If you must pick up something at a high, better asking for help your colleagues so you do not have to pick it up.

2.Pain in the body (neck, shoulders, back, hips)

  • Work with the appropriate ergonomic posture.
  • Take a seat with the right position so you can work comfortably without pressure on your back or waist that can cause illness and pain.

3. Heart Burn

  • Consider position of the body (sitting, writing, reading). There must be no pressure in the solar plexus.
  • Manage your diet according pregnant digestion. Disciplines to choose foods that are ‘friendly’ for pregnant women. Avoid foods that many seasoned and spicy, and foods that cause gas in the digestion such as cabbage.
  • Eat small meals but frequently.
  • Always bring food and fresh fruit from home, or provide the biscuits in the workplace.

4. Headache

  • Avoid the tension, not to lose control over the work. Train your ability to “control” Yourself at work. Relaxation exercises and meditation will be helpful to reduce Pregnancy Complaints.
  • If you work in front of a computer screen for a long time, for a moment switch your view with look out the window, or you can walk around for a while

5. Fainting

  • If your job require standing for a long time or pacing up and down stairs, if possible, ask your boss to move to another section for a while.
  • If not possible to move to another section, make sure to maintain bloodstream in the legs, you can do this by resting the foot by giving the wedge (could be placed under the desk). And keep your body balance equally while standing (do not rely on one foot for a long time).
  • Use medium or low heels.
  • Avoid anemia by always maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure you are not lack of iron.
  • Keep your blood sugar levels stable by eating small meals but often.

6. Shortness of Breath

  • Perform relaxation during work. Take a deep breath slowly while imagining fresh air fulfill all the cells of your body, even to the fetus, then exhale back while relaxing all the muscles in the body.
  • Perform light stretching while sitting and standing. For example, by turning the neck and shoulders, or lifting both hands up, pulling the two sides of the body.

That’s 6 kinds of Pregnancy Complaints in the Workplace and how to handle it, but whatever your complaints, be assured that pregnancy is a gift and not all women have chance to get that special gift. So, lived pregnancy with relaxed and full of gratitude.Let your body changes according to the pregnancy itself. don’t be afraid your body become enlarged, anyway, that can be tricked by customizing the appearance. For example, by wearing fashionable maternity clothes and comfortable when worn. Good Luck.

Pregnancy Complaints
Pregnancy Complaints


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