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Breast feeding at work is important for most of the business women who work and have babies. Unfortunately, there are still some of the women who cant do this activities at work because there are no places and spare time to do it. This condition makes breast feeding at work is one of the important issues that they always concern. For some people, this condition maybe not very serious to talk about and need no attention at all. But for some of the women who want to keep do this activity routinely and keep their baby healthy, they need support and help from all of the parts that able to help, in this case especially, is their working place.

By seeing all of those facts, some of the women think if it would be very hard to do Breast feeding at work and just giving up on their work. In facts, there are some information and ways to do the Breast feeding at work without having trouble and keep both of your work and this activities balance. To help you with that, I have been searched some of the important information about Breast feeding at work that may help you a little. Here is the result of my searching.

Breast Feeding at Work is Protected by Law

Common problems for most people who want to done the Breast feeding at work is when they cannot spare any time and get any places to do it in their working place. Fortunately, a help is come from Obama’s health care reform legislation which will makes your Breast feeding at work easier. The law is called The Affordable Care Act which amended the Fair Labor Standards Act which makes working women able to have breaks and a place to do the breast feeding. This act was signed and became law in March 2010. Even that the final rules of this law haven’t been finalized, this law already give the helps since that there are some of the companies which provides the places and breaks for the women to do the Breast feeding at work.

After this law is made you don’t have to worry if you want to do the Breast feeding at work anymore. This is happen because now The Labor Department able to charges some fine to the companies which haven’t provide any breast feeding accommodation or just simply force them to provide it. By this condition, the women got some protection to do this activity without fears anymore. The exact example can be seen on Starbucks which failure to provide adequate space and then agreed to provide it after the Labor Department force them to do. By this condition, you will get a huge helps by having the spaces and time to spare. But if you still have some problems and think if your company has violated the law, you can call the Labor Department division’s toll-free helpline number which is included on the references sites.

Tips To Make Breast Feeding At Work Easier

The law from Obama’s health care reform legislation may make Breast feeding at work easier. However, there are also some of the steps that you can do by yourself to make the Breast feeding at work easier. First, we are going to talk about the things that you can done in your maternity leave. As we know, women who will have babies usually will take maternity leave and this period gives them enough time to keep the baby without worrying too much about works. Some of the people found if there will be much easier if you try to get longer period of maternity leave. On this period, you can also re consider and make stronger commitment to do the Breast feeding at work. This is important since that you will face so many negative statements or manners from some of the ignorant people on your jobs. Besides, you can also start to prepare your body and your baby for the real breast feeding when you are away. With the preparation, hopefully you will have a good start and both of you and your baby will feel more comfortable.

Second, we are going to talk the condition when you are going to back on your work and when you are working. When you are going to back to work, you can re consider which option that you will take when you are going to Breast feeding your baby at work. You can choose whether bring the baby with you or hiring some keeper while you are working. For more options, you can see it on some of the references on this article. Anyway, when you are working, you also have to make yourself common with the breast pump and talk about the important things that you will need to deliver to your employer. With the negotiation, there will be less misunderstanding and problem for you.

Breast Feeding at Work
Breast Feeding at Work

Last, we are going to talk about the other tips that may help you a lot. Here are the lists of the simple things that you can do.

  • Find the most comfortable pump for you so you can do this Breast feeding at work activity easier
  • Get the support from your friends at job so that you will get more sympathy and your breast feeding will be easier
  • Breast feeding at full time when you are not working so you can keep your connection with your baby even you rarely feed them when you are working
  • Change the day breast feeding time with the late breast feeding time, which also sometimes continued to burse the baby all night, to give more care to your baby which also known to help you reach more comfortable rest and deeper connection
  • Share some of the childcare with your partner so that you can get some relaxing time and will decreasing your stress level
  • Search the responsible sitter to keep on your baby while you can’t keep the baby so you will feel more comfortable and relaxed to leave them.

However, maybe not all of those tips suits you, so it is back to you to choose the best choice for you and your baby. Anyway, if you want to know more about the Breast feeding at work, you can check the references there and we hope it will helps.


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