Tips for Summer Maternity Clothes

Summer Maternity Clothes – It’s crucial to get the correct summer maternity clothes to stay cool and might be rather a challenge especially when you’re heading into your third trimester. Taking the extra weight with all that heat makes you feel irritable, uncomfortable, short of breath and only altogether miserable! To top it off, pregnancy clothes aren’t the greatest on keeping you cool. However, switching up the way you wear your maternity clothes can help out tremendously! Have a look at these maternity clothes pointers that will help you keep cool and fabulously fashionable during pregnancy!


Summer Maternity Clothes Tips

Dress up or down! Having a couple summer maternity clothes on hand during pregnancy is going to be one of the most effective moves you’ll make during these hot summertime. Most summer maternity dresses have a free-flowing design making your outfit cool and comfy. Give yourself an assortment of styles to select from so that you can wear them regularly yet have a new look everyday. Make sure you avoid full fitted maternity dresses or you’ll end up doing the opposite of keeping cool!

Believe it or not.. LAYER! Summer days frequently give us cool mornings, so walking out with a maternity cami and shorts might be too chilly for you. However, you understand it’s going to be scorching hot later! This is the perfect scenario of when to layer. Try wearing a maternity cami under a loose fitted maternity tunic. Then when the hot weather steps in remove the tunic and only sport your pregnancy cami. Have fun with it by mixing & matching distinct colors.

Light as a Feather! Lightweight cloths are significant whether you’re wearing a summer maternity dress, maternity skirt, pregnancy top or accessories. Yes, accessories can turn the heat up when heavy or bulky.

Deflect the Heat! Wear lighter shades to avoid absorbing so much of that heat. This doesn’t mean you have to wear all white, but by all means, avoid wearing black when you know you will be outside for many the day. Go with neutrals and add a dash of colour!

Loosen it up a bit! Tighter clothes have a tendency to generate you sweat more, notably tops. Let the breeze flow through those loose maternity tops and bottoms. However don’t wear a loose fitting top with a loose fitting underside. Make sure you consistently do the reverse. Switch things up a bit with a good flowing maternity skirt as well as a fitted maternity tank for a nice summer pregnancy ensemble.

Au-Natural! Go for natural fibers instead of synthetic ones. Clothing made from materials like cotton and linen “breathe,” which may help you to remain cool in hot weather. There’s not anything worse than stepping out of the home on a hot day using a pregnancy top which makes you sweat more!

Adore your leggings! They can be far more comfy than maternity jeans in the summer although maternity leggings are clearly on the tighter side. Pair your favourite pregnancy leggings rather than going straight for all those solid maternity jeans, using a maternity tunic or short dress that we are consistently stuck to.

Last but definitely not least.. PROTECT & HYDRATE! Do not forget to use sunblock to shield that skin and drink plenty of water to remain hydrated. Use these summer maternity clothes tricks in order to enjoy hot summer days during your pregnancy!


Article publié pour la première fois le 16/09/2015