Maternity Leave in California

Maternity Leave in California – It is a bit worrisome when a woman in pregnancy keeps working and therefore, there is maternity leave but sometimes the information about the maternity leave is not really clear and confusing even if your company must want to help you about your rights and sometimes, when it comes about money, it becomes more difficult to process. If you live and work in one of the companies in California, you surely need to know about maternity leave in California and you must get the information about how long you could stay out and continue getting paid and how much you get paid during the time as clear as possible. Some information below may help you especially about the money.

Your company will not let you and they must care about you so they will give your all kinds of information about job protection and how long you can stay out of work unpaid but it is said by one of the workers in California that you will not stay out of work unpaid because it cannot be afforded by you. You will have three stages later when you decide to take maternity leave and before you have a baby, recovery, and baby bonding time are the three included in the stages. Therefore, it becomes a concern and you should know about maternity leave in California clearly.

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Understanding Maternity Leave in California

About the maternity leave in California, before you have the baby you will be allowed by the State Disability to leave work or paid up to four weeks before your scheduled due date and it is recommended for you to take the whole time because when it is not taken, you definitely lose it. This time cannot be added on to your recovery time. If you count, you will have seven day period that you will not get paid for in total not for work days taken from the moment you leave work which can only be as early as four weeks before.

Recovery is the next stage that will be informed here and when after you have the baby and a call from the State Disability office will be received by you so the details about the birth can be confirmed. Moreover, you will continue to get disability pay for six weeks after a vaginal delivery or eight weeks after a C-section and at the end of this time, a form in the mail can be received by you. In case you are still in pain, or having any complications, the form can be brought to your doctor and that you remain on disability for longer can be requested, too.

The last stage here is baby bonding time and when your disability runs out, a letter about the Paid Family Leave program will be got by you and you will be allowed to continue getting the amount of money you were getting on disability for up to six weeks to bond with your baby. The form can just be filled out that will come with your last disability pay check and they can be told about you can continue to remain at home with your child. You can only be allowed to be with your child for the full six weeks.

In the end, you will get paid approximately 60% of your regular wages for up to 12 weeks after you have delivered the baby. If you find the maternity leave in California is difficult, make a plan before. Planning this thing early will be advantageous for you.


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