4 Choices for Mothers Reentering the Work Force

As a mother, you can work from home or find work that fits your hectic schedule. These 4 flexible work arrangement will allow you to work and be there for your family, too.

Being a real mother is everything to you. But there was a time, however, B.C. (Before Children) when you were also a professional person, pitching ideas at assemblies and hitting all of your deadlines. Now that your kids are a little bigger, you are beginning to wax nostalgic for all those days of contributing financially to your family and collaborating with co-workers.

The thing is, you undoubtedly do not want to work the crazy hours you used to. You would like in order to pitch in at your kid’s writing celebration and see those little cuties come off the bus. Does work have to be all or nothing? Thankfully, no. There are many kinds of flexible work arrangements that can, well, work for you and your family’s busy schedule. Here are only four work choices for mothers reentering the workforce.

Choices for Mothers Reentering the Work Force
Choices for Mothers Reentering the Work Force


For moms who wish to work from home, a telecommuting job is the best option. Also known as virtual work or remote work, telecommuting means you could work from home. Depending on the kind of telecommuting job you have, you might work full time or part time, but commonly, telecommuting comes with some flexibility regarding your work schedule. So when your child forgets his lunch at home, you will have the time -and flex- make it back in time for your meeting and still to bring it to him.

Flexible Schedules

Having a flexible schedule is the best in work-life balance. A flex schedule job can be done either in an office or at home, but usually flex work is done remotely. Flex work is made around the idea of completing your duties based on your schedule and working independently. If you have to take your child to his doctor’s appointment, you can finish your work either before or after you return to your home office. Flex work enables you to get your work done but also be the mother you want to be, too.

Professional Part-Time Jobs

Should you need to dip your toes back in the work pool, but only part-time, then a part-time professional job could be your best bet. Part-time jobs can be done at an office or done from your home, depending on the position. Part-time positions are an excellent stepping stone back in the workforce, particularly if you’ve been a stay at home mom for a long time, or in case you are planning a career change and wish to try your new career before going full-force into a new career.

Freelance Projects

Let us say that you have a certain area of expertise that you’d like to pursue professionally, but you do not want to dedicate yourself to a full-time or a part-time position. A freelance job is the ultimate in work flexibility. Not only do you get to choose which customer or firm you work for, but you also determine for how long each time and how frequently you will work. If you only need to work during the months of June and May so you can save up for your family’s vacation to Punta Cana come August, freelance jobs help you to do that.

Many stay-at-home moms are concerned about reentering the workforce because they mistakenly believe that work is an all-or-nothing deal. With the great advances in work flexibility, moms who are looking to onramp can find a variety of work scenarios (such as telecommuting, part-time jobs, flexible schedule positions, and even freelance gigs) that can allow them to work professionally and still be there for their families, too.

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