What to Expect when Pregnant at 41 Years Old

Yes, I am a pregnant working mother with three very active children (shortly to be 7 year old boy and 8 year old boy and girl twins), and I’m actually loving the experience! With everything in life (not matter what age), not everything is picture perfect.

As a mom already, I actually don’t have the anxieties and worries that new time mom’s have such as should I continue working full-time or become a stay-at-home mother? Will I be a great mother? And will everything go well during labor and delivery? After I had my first kid, I made the decision to be a self employed, work-at-home mother, taking them to their extracurricular activities, offering at their elementary school and giving me the flexibility to also be more of hands on mother. I have also had 8 years of being a true mother, giving me the confidence I can do it! Moreover, I have already experienced two pregnancies (with the twins being a high risk pregnancy), two labors, and two deliveries. I know what to expect, and I’ve three little helpers to help me play, feed, and entertain our soon to be newest add-on.

Pregnant at 41 Years Old
Pregnant at 41 Years Old

Nevertheless, there are worries and tensions which come with being pregnant over age 40 years old. All clear, although statistically computed.

First, with age comes the possibility of having twins. As a woman ages, they are more likely to discharge more than one egg during ovulation. And yes, this was a major dilemma for my husband and me. First, we already had twins. Second, twins run on either side of my mother’s side of the family. The great news is I’m bearing a singleton this pregnancy!

Second, many women in their 40’s may not work out as frequently or as vigorous as they did in their 20’s and 30’s, placing their pregnancy in danger for developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and other pregnancy related issues. And yes, I was worried! Not because I did not work out before I got pregnant, but because I did not work out (at all) the first three months of this pregnancy-I was way overly physically. Instead, every free minute I had in between children and work, I slept. There were some days I slept the complete seven hours my kids were at school.

That brings me to the one place which has actually affected me this pregnancy-physical exhaustion! A little history. I work, love having other kids at my home, and train my sons’ and daughters’ sports teams. Head and my pregnant body cannot seem to get enough sleep. One could say it is age caused. Another may say it is because I am working, volunteering, and taking good care of three kids that are lively. I am tending towards the after as the rationale that is valid.

Therefore, if you’re over 40 years old, thinking about becoming pregnant, nows the time to begin focusing on beginning a physical fitness routine and eating well. And in the event that you’re pregnant, I’d like to hear (and share) what your worries and anxieties are and your experience is going!

Enjoy the milestones!

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