UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler (iOS/Android) – Home Baby Heartbeat Monitor and Mobile App

UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler is a new innovative CE and FDA approved home baby heartbeat monitor for expecting moms of the smartphone age. Pregnant women can use it from the pregnancy week 12 on for sharing the joy of expecting baby and for reassurance when worried. Unborn baby’s heart sounds can be shared via email, text message, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

The free Mobile App can be used with the purchase of the UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler. The App is available for iPhone and iPad and for Android phones and tablets.

UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler Mobile App features:

• Listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat.
• Record fetal heartbeat for later playback.
• Share heartbeat recordings with your family and friends.
• Measure fetal heart rate and see it as a visual graph.
• View a trend chart of your heart rate measurements per pregnancy week.

Originally baby dopplers were used only by medical professionals, but they have become increasingly popular for home use. This is because baby dopplers can help reducing anxiety during pregnancy and offer reassurance for a pregnant mom. UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler brings home fetal monitoring to the Smartphone Age with new amazing features like visualizing, recording, sharing and displaying long-term measurements by pregnancy weeks.

Fetal Doppler UnbornHeart
Fetal Doppler UnbornHeart

UnbornHeart Fetal Doppler is a CE certified device with EU MDD IIa and FDA class II medical device classifications.
Find more information like App install links, videos, quick quides and frequently asked questions at http://www.unbornheart.com.

Article publié pour la première fois le 24/09/2015