Return To Work After Maternity Leave: What You Should Do When You Go Back To Your Place

Working mothers will experience many challenges. Not only preparing the leave for baby birth process, but they might face challenges when they will return to work after maternity leave. You do not need to worry since returning back to work can be quite smooth if you have careful plan.

There are some things which you should do when you are still in your maternity leave. First, you need to free yourself from any guilt feeling. It might seem unimportant for you. However, some mothers experience emotional conflict as the new mother. It is better for you to know that working outside the home does not mean you are not good mother. You should remember that you are doing the best thing for you and your family. Before you return to work after maternity leave, you have to find the dependable child care. If you can do it, you should find the child care long before the baby birth. In finding the child care center, you might want to consider using the service from local child care providers and facilities. Some aspects to consider in finding the best child care are including the safety, stimulating environment, and qualified caregivers. You can ask for advices from the doctor of your baby, friends, or neighbors. Find further information about their references and certifications to prove their service.

It is important for you to discuss every thing related to work with your employers before you return to work after maternity leave. You have to confirm about your duties and schedules after your leave. If it is possible, you might want to ask flexible hours, telecommuting, or part time working. You have to plan about breast feeding process for your baby. It is recommended for you to inform your employer to ask permission to take breaks throughout the day to pump. Make sure you find the clean and private room to pump your breasts. There is electric pump allowing you to pump your breast and you might want to purchase it. You should make nursing schedule at home for about two weeks before going back to your working place. The pumping process might be two or three times during the day. You should help your baby to adapt the new condition by asking someone else to feed him the bottle of stores breast milk.

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Return To Work After Maternity Leave Planning

If you are planning to return to work after maternity leave, you need to set the return to work date. Some employees are going back to work late in the week. By doing this, they can make the first week into the short one.

After getting back to your working environment, you need to be more organized. You might want to make the schedule for your work task and home task. It is important for you to set the priority which one should be done first and which one can wait. Make sure you are building the good relationship with the caregiver. You should ask the caregiver anything which occurs during your absence once you return to work after maternity leave. These are including the change in bowel movement or eating pattern. Working mothers need to take time to have discussion about the baby’s progress and problems which might be experienced by the baby.

Even though you already return to work after maternity leave, working mothers have to stay connected to the caregivers. You might want to give daily phone call or text message to the caregiver. Keep asking the caregivers on what happens to you baby everyday. You can place your baby photo on your desk to keep connected to the baby. You are recommended to make backup plans which are helpful if your baby is sick or the caregiver is not available to provide the services. These backup plans are including taking the day off. Another option is asking your partner to take day off. It is also a good idea for you to ask your family to take a good care of your baby.

When you return to work after maternity leave, do not hesitate in finding support. You should not do anything by your own. If your partners, family, friends, or co-workers offer their help, you should accept it. It is okay for you to speak up if you feel guilty or sad. For the people who face the problem in pumping the milk in the work place, it is recommended for you to contact the consultant from any local hospital or clinic.


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