How to use Dresses that can Hide Pregnancy

Dresses that can Hide Pregnancy – As if being pregnant is not enough of a jolt, with it comes this insane body metamorphosis that you can’t control nor do you have any history on. The body you have known your whole life was hijacked. Many women complain of being instantaneously distended so everything is a bit tight. Not to mention you’re probably trying to keep this under wraps while you:

1. Make it through the first trimester
2. Decide how you feel about the whole thing
3. Discover how to tell your work

Hiding Pregnancy Nursing Outfits

Through all of this, you must keep up to get dressed every day while attempting to not look like a whale. With that, we’ve put together our top advice for outfits to hide the pregnancy. They are:

Extend the life of your non-maternity clothes

Remain in your non-maternity clothing for so long as you can. You can extend the life span of your trousers by picking up a belly band. These small pieces of material that is stretchy fit round the waist of your pants and let you leave them unbuttoned. They just look like an extended T-shirt under your clothing. My brother is wondering if he can get one for the holidays.

Your midsection and torso are likely going to expand first. Stickers wear that on top in case you’ve got anything with stripes, designs. It’s going to go people’s eyes further away from your expanding waist.

Wearing Stripes and a Longer Shirt
Wearing Stripes and a Longer Shirt

When you have some wrap dresses, they are going to be your closest friend by means of this transition. Bonus if they can be black or patterned, they’ll hide more of your figure.

Wear Scarves

A friend of mine who was recently pregnant let me know this tip. You’ve got automatic coverage, if you wear a scarf that hangs down to your gut. I utilized the scarf trick regularly.

getting close to popping, you’re when things get extremely bumpy, like in week 14/15 or layer like crazy. In the ensembles beneath, I was pulling out all stops. I was attempting flowy tops, belly bands, patterned tops, black. You name it-I was trying!

Wearing Scarves to Hide Pregnancy
Wearing Scarves to Hide Pregnancy

Give Up

There comes a stage when you need to give up. Attempt once you’re prepared to go public and keep to dress like yourself but with a couple expandable alterations. Dressing in your usual fashion is likely to make you feel more comfortable. I wore this longer tunic top from LOFT and bought maternity jeans from Old Navy for $30. I paired with a Hermes scarf and I was out in full force.

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