Earn Money During Maternity Leave

You just left your job for a year to take care of your new little one. You’re looking for ways to make some extra money and the internet is a great option since you can do it from the comforts of your home. Here are our 3 simple steps to earn money during maternity leave.

  • Become an Affiliate.

Many companies and products utilize affiliates to bring in sales. An affiliate’s job is to get prospective buyer to a sales page. If the sales page does its job then the affiliate earns a commission.

There really are many companies online that utilize affiliates. From Google to eBay, Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and many more.


  •  Promote Digital Products.

Digital products have the least overhead of any products to buy on the internet. There isn’t much paperwork and no shipping charges like what you’d have with a physical product.

ClickBank is a great source for digital information products that sell. There is a product in just about every niche and you can earn commissions in the range of 50-75%.

  • Write and Post Content.

With all the social networks out there to join, your opportunities are endless. Start a Facebook group, a Blog, make a small webpage about your niche. You can also use Twitter to Tweet about your product.

Write a review and review articles for your product and post them to the above sources. You will have to post a link at the end of each one of these to enable the user to click-through to the vendor’s sales page.

Affiliate marketing has worked for many people online and can work for you. The minute you have some free time from your new loved one you can take a half hour a day to work on this. If you put that half hour in a few days a week during you maternity leave, you will have a great business online. Model those that have already had success on ClickBank, and you can have it too.

I hope this short reviews on how to earn money during maternity leave help you to get some extra cash for your lovely family.

Images: netmums.com

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/09/2015