Changing Jobs While Pregnant: What To Consider

Changing jobs while pregnant might lead you to experience some complications. For some pregnant women who are wondering whether they should change their jobs or not, you should know that the answer is not easy. However, many women dare to take the risk since they experience harassment act in their working environment. If you are facing the pregnancy discrimination, you might want to get the information how to deal with this issue. Quitting the job is big decision and you might want to think it for many times.

Before quitting your job and find another job, you should remember that you will not be covered by FLMA. The main reason is because you are working not too long before giving birth to your baby. FLMA coverage needs you to meet their requirements. Changing jobs while pregnant and getting another job is not good option either since you will not get any new health insurance in time to help your pregnancy and birth preparation. You might find there are some companies which provide insurance waiting period but you might or might not be covered by extended covered from the last employers.

changing job while pregnants changing jobs while pregnant: what to consider

Changing Jobs While Pregnant Reason

There are many reasons why pregnant employees consider changing jobs while pregnant. Some employees decide to change their jobs since their working environment is not family friendly while they want to balance their career and their family. Other employees consider the commute is too long or the hours are inflexible. Another common reason why employees decide to change their jobs is because they think that their working environment is too dangerous for them and their babies.

If you consider changing jobs while pregnant, you should remember some things. Sometimes, people think other people’s jobs and environments are better than theirs. They consider other companies provide more benefits than their company. Other companies provide more flexible working hours. However, you need to understand all aspects before finding another job. Consider some aspects. Find further information whether the company charges double for health insurance or not. Some companies give the permission for their employees to work from home. Find out about the benefits which are given by the company and compare it with the benefit given by your current company.

It is important for you to be realistic. Finding another job will take times and energy. When you are pregnant, you should prevent yourself from lacking of energy to keep your pregnancy healthy. When you are looking for the new job, you will need to pass some interviews and meetings. You will need to have stamina and commitment to get the new jobs. It might be quite difficult if you are in pregnant condition.

When you are changing jobs while pregnant, you need to consider full disclosure. During the interview process, the employers do not have the right to ask about your pregnancy. It might be good enough for you to keep the pregnancy in secret for short period. However, it can damage your relationship with the company in the end. Many experts recommend you to get the offer before informing about your pregnancy to the employers. You should consider its advantage and disadvantage to make any decision.

There are some conditions when the employers are hesitant in hiring you since you will not stay on after the baby is born. This is considered as discrimination and it is not fair according to the legal law. However, you should know this kind of thing occurs in the real life. It is kind of frustrating since these employees are not guaranteed to be accepted to prove their ability to the employers. Due to this reason, you are recommended to keep quiet until the company gives the position for you.

After getting the position, the company will not be able to take back the job offers if they finally realize that you are actually pregnant. If it still happens, you will be able to file the employer discrimination claim. However, this method might not work if your pregnancy is already seen. If you have the plan in changing jobs while pregnant, you are recommended to find short term jobs. Getting this job allows you to have income while you are pregnant and stop working when you are preparing your baby birth process.


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