Uncommon Maternity Leave Laws You Should Know About

Uncommon Maternity Leave Laws – Pregnancy brings lots of choices about work, and realizing the maternity leave laws will make those choices a little simpler. It pays to plan ahead, since several of the maternity leave laws are not known and may cause issues if you’re not ready.

Taking Time Off

Although companies must permit up to 12 work weeks for maternity leave under the FMLA, perhaps you are oblivious the weeks may not be paid. Some firms do offer to pay a salary (or some of it) during leave, however they’re not legally required to do this. The easiest way to work out an arrangement with your company is through discussions and open communication whenever possible.

What this means is that in case you need to leave work for a physician’s appointment or have unforeseen problems, hours or those days will be factored into the period of time your company must supply for your leave.

Pregnancy Discrimination Laws in California
Pregnancy Discrimination Laws in California

Advance Notice

To be able for the benefits set out in the FMLA, you must notify your company at least 30 days beforehand. In writing, the notice should be, and your company as well as you should retain copies on file for reference. A written notice is, in addition, common courtesy besides being a preventative measure against any future dispute.

Job Protection

In many conditions, you’re protected under the FMLA provisions and can’t be taken off your work. Nevertheless, there are a number of exceptions, like in the event that you are unable to go back to work once you have taken the agreed upon leave of absence, or if the business you work for is experiencing layoffs, as well as your occupation is particularly changed. In the event you indicate that you really do not intend on returning moreover, you will be terminated from a business. In a few very small cases, a crucial place to the organization ‘s general function as well as a high wages could be legal reasons to allow you to go following your pregnancy.


The FMLA applies to you in the event the business is a government agency or you work for has at least 50 workers. To qualify, you also have to demonstrate that you’ve worked there at a minimum of 24 hours weekly for at least 12 months.

Do not give up in the event you are not qualified for the FMLA; there may be other alternatives open to you at the state level. Contacting your local labour office is an effective method to find out more about the maternity leave laws in your state.

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