Maternity Leave Letter

For business women, a maternity leave letter may be very important when they are on the period of their pregnancy. In fact, the pregnant women most likely need some break time when they are on their pregnancy period any it means if even the business women need to stop working for a while. As the effect, any business women need to know more about the Maternity Leave Letter. Anyway, other than that condition, most of business women also decide to deliver this Maternity Leave Letter when they are going to adopt a child. Those conditions of course make this Maternity Leave Letter is very important for all of the business women everywhere.

However, there are also some other important things that those pregnant business woman should understand other than the maternity letter itself. Those things are such as the preparation, the communication that you will do when you are not working and the plans if you want to return to your work. With preparing all of those things, the period during your pregnancy and your work won’t have any problem left even that you are going to work again later. To help you understand those things, we have made some research and there is some of the information which may help you.


Maternity Leave Letter – Preparation Before Your Leaving

When you are decided to make the maternity leave letter, you have to prepare some other things behind. First, of course you have to know what are the things that you are going to wrote in your letter and prevent any misunderstanding. However, we are going to talk about this part later and see some of the examples on the references. After that, the other thing that you have to prepare is to understand when the most important time to deliver this letter. Most of pregnant women will deliver this Maternity Leave Letter at their second trimester. Other than that, you can also deliver this letter to your supervisor by making some meeting or an appointment first, so that you can deliver everything clearly and prevent any misunderstandings.

The last thing that you must prepare when you are going to make your Maternity Leave Letter is the planning whether you are going to back to work or not. However, this one is also can be done during your leaving periods if you wanted to. This one is important since that you have to keep making the good reputation and appearance with the company if you want to continue working after you giving birth to your baby. This can be done by keeping your communication with your company. When you want to do this, you have to show that you are still able and willing to do something for your company even that there are some limitations.


Maternity Leave Letter Forms

After you prepare the things that you needed before you make this Maternity Leave Letter, now we are moving and going to talk about how to compose the Maternity Leave Letter itself. When you are going to make this Maternity Leave Letter, you have to make sure that the language which you are going to use are showing your happiness, pleasant feelings, and delivered directly. You don’t have to use too many phrases or confusing words about the things that your supervisor doesn’t need to know. If you wanted too, you can also add some important information from your doctor to make your supervisor understand your condition and prevent any misunderstandings.

In most of the letters, there must be something that always included, and so this Maternity Leave Letter. There are the things that commonly included on most of them.


0 Your Supervisor name and the address

0 Date of the letter

0 The main reason you made the letter (giving a birth/adopt a child)

0 How long the time you are going to leave

0 Specific co-worker that going to fill up your position while you are leaving or just simply give an information whether the company going to hire a temporary worker during your leave

0 The projects that you are going to finish before your leave (optional)

0 The projects which you can delay until your leave period over (optional)

0 The projects and duty which needed to be finished on your leave period (optional)


However, not all of those things on the list must be included if you doesn’t want to. The forms and the content also may be changed upon your own conditions and need. And if you want to see some of the Maternity Leave Letter examples, you can see on the references in the end of this article. Anyway, if you are going to make any, make sure that the letters covering all of your needs and able to represent your needs to your supervisor.


Keep The Communications

If you choose to keep on working after your leave, it means that you need to keep on communicate with your company. On this case, the communication can be done by giving some information about your condition and try to offer some helps that you will be able to handle in your condition that time. By doing those things, the company will understand that you still have high interest to stay working there and continue working when you are fully restored.


Back To Work

After you are done with your leaving period, you can choose whether to continue working or stay in home to keep your children. However, this is also related with your first choice to continue or to stop when you are composing the Maternity Leave Letter. And if you choose that you are going to work again, you also have to make a proposal which tell what you are going to do next. In the references, you can see there are three options to return, to work from home, part-time and full-time altogether with the forms and examples. Anyway, don’t forget to remake those form and make it fits your own need and condition. In the end, we hope that you get the best time of working and taking your maternity period.

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