Washington State Maternity Leave

Washington State Maternity Leave – Maternity leave rules will be different in different companies; some companies do not even have maternity leave and they have short term disability so when the pregnant employer wants to get maternity leave, she will get the short term disability instead but there are also companies that have both of them. You should know better what your rights and when you have a baby, up to 12 weeks off work can be taken during a 12-month period and your right can be retained to return to the same, or an equivalent position. Here, the equivalent pay and benefits should also still be the same, but what about the Washington State maternity leave law?

The equivalent position, pay and benefits can usually be got by you if you are considered eligible to be covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA and the eligibility is based on the fact that the employers have worked for their employers for at least 12 months and at least 1,250 hours during the previous 12 months are included. It is even found that it is a must for the employees to work within 75 miles of where 50 or more employees work. There is a FMLA leave unpaid guarantee but the paid vacation or sick time can be opted for by the employers or employees unless it is allowed by the employer, though.

Washington State Maternity Leave Benefits
Washington State Maternity Leave Benefits

It should also be known by you that both men and women are eligible for FMLA leave applying to private employees, all state and local government employees and some federal employees and there is also a requirement for your employer that your health insurance coverage must be continued during your FMLA leave. In case 12 weeks of FMLA leave are not going to be taken in a row, you may be able to break it down into shorter blocks of time just based on your need. However, when pregnancy complications happen, and you are required to off work before you delivery the baby, the 12 weeks of FMLA leave will begin then.

It makes people curious about the Washington State maternity leave and it is known that the laws offering new parents paid maternity leave and in many cases, paternity leave have been passed by some states. California was known as the first state to pass such legislation through its Paid Family Leave Program and the State Disability Insurance Program can be joined by the employees and up to six weeks of partial pay for time off within the first year of their baby’s birth can be received. So, what about Washington state?

It is known that there is Washington State maternity leave and Washington and New Jersey followed California by passing the similar legislation and the suit is even followed by other states so if you want to know about the laws in your state, find it on your own. Besides the 15 days of paid sick-leave offered to employees for the care of their children, there is also an expansion related to the Family and Medical Leave Act so mothers working for companies with fewer than 50 employees can be helped. Washington can now be trusted for these laws.

Washington is even included in the states extending the Family Medical Leave Act beyond 12 weeks of leave for the care of a newborn or adopted child aside from Washington State maternity leave. Are you curious about your state’s law? Find them immediately and make a good plan before taking maternity leave.

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