Short Term Disability for Maternity Leave

For women who are working and then they are pregnant, it must be worrisome because there are many things to handle for getting maternity leave and it is even questionable about the short term disability for maternity leave meaning it is often asked if short term disability can be used for maternity leave. Some companies allow this but some others do not and to know if this is allowable or not in your company, this must be checked with your HR department. Actually, pregnancy itself is not a condition that will prevent you from working but when complications happen where you will be ordered by your doctor to be off work, it is what we call disability.

In case the short term disability for maternity leave is allowable in your company, you should know what you need to do to use the short term disability and it is recommended to you to prepare claim forms. Firstly, the human resources department at your place of employment can be contacted prior to giving birth and letting them know about your condition will let you also know about the important information you need. The paperwork needing to be completed by your physician in order to grant you your disability benefits will be given by them.

Your employer’s human resources department will also need to know about you after giving birth and it is necessary to keep them updated about your condition. Any questions can also be asked to them that you may have especially about your short-term disability benefits because when you decide to use short term disability for maternity leave, you have to know what benefits you can achieve. It is advantageous for you when you work in a company with the short term disability only because there is no maternity leave.

Short Term Disability Maternity Leave Pay

Short Term Disability Maternity Leave Pay

Short Term Disability for Maternity Leave – Requirements

As mentioned before, if you work in a company with both the short term disability and maternity leave, you may then need to have a proof that your doctor orders you to rest and off work since you have a poor health condition, like after getting complications. Your doctor can be asked to fill out the necessary paperwork after you give birth and a claim form needs to be filled with details about your delivery like the date of your baby’s birth and whether it is a normal delivery or cesarean section. The details information will be helpful related to the short term disability for maternity leave.

The paperwork can then be faxed or hand-delivered to your HRD and it is important to do this quickly as your benefits cannot be begun until all of the necessary paperwork is submitted. The release form stating that you are ready to return to work will also need to be filled out by your doctor and this can usually be done at your six week postpartum checkup. The release form can be hand delivered to your employer’s HRD and you cannot return to work until they receive the paperwork.

Make sure you know the steps of using the short term disability for maternity leave if available. Ask the details to the HRD and you can use the information to help you get the maternity leave. It is also better to know if maternity leave in your company can be considered as short term disability, too.


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