Maternity Leave Pay Can Fund Accidental Disability Coverage

Everyone can suffer an injury at any time: playing sports, in the vehicle, at home, playing sports, or on the job. None of us are protected. Working women planning a pregnancy have a unique reason to protect their income in the event of injuries: the policy will be paid for by their maternity leave benefit.

A lot of people think just about serious injuries which lead to disability – like Christopher Reaves falling from a horse. In reality most disabling injuries are quite commonplace, occurring at home. Why is this the case? Because we spend most of our time at home.

Logically then most accidents happen there: slipping on wet tile in the restroom, falling down the staircase, wounds and burns in the kitchen, etc. But we also drive to work and for pleasure. And auto accidents, although less common, often result in more serious harms. Many of us enjoy sports, and the weekend warrior in us can lead other disabling injuries. Finally, some occupations are rather physical in nature, and injury can a do occur while at work.

If you strike an injury that causes you to miss work, you could left without a paycheck. You may have borrowed money to buy your car, your house, as well as a variety of other purchases. You might be planning to pay these loans back with your future income. Or you may just be planning to meet your daily living expenses with your future pay.

Think about what may happen should you get injured, and lose your paycheck. Are you going to have the ability to pay your loans off? Are you going to manage to meet your day-to-day living expenses?

Short term disability insurance is a best way to secure your income in the event of accidents. It replaces up to two-thirds of your income in case an accident causes you to miss work. Many policies may also pay a smaller benefit for on-the-job injuries, to supplement the disability protection you have through workers compensation coverage.

Women planning a pregnancy have 3 great reasons to consider buying accidental disability insurance coverage before getting pregnant: they might be working in a physical occupation, their pregnancy may make them much more vulnerable to accidents, as well as the maternity leave advantages inherent in the policy makes the entire package exceptionally alluring.

Many women work in occupations that are active or physical: food servers, retail workers, nursing, etc. Women who work in these occupations are more susceptible to miss time from work as a result of injuries. A badly sprained ankle may well not disable an office worker, but could sideline a food server for weeks. Anyone who works on her feet understands the value of healthy feet, ankles, and legs.

For the time of pregnancy, your body undergoes significant change. A few of these changes might cause you to be injury prone. Your balance is somewhat different. Your back is under continuous pull. A minor slip that may otherwise be insignificant could cause a more severe illness during your pregnancy.

Your maternity leave income may give permission for you to get accidental disability coverage at no additional cost. Your normal maternity leave is covered by your short-term disability policy. It pays a six-week benefit for vaginal delivery, and an eight-week benefit for a c-section delivery. The premium you pay, assisting you to generate weeks of maternity leave pay may be greatly exceeded by your maternity leave benefit for standard delivery.

The same coverage that creates maternity leave income, additionally protects your income in case of injuries that are disabling. You pay a small premium, you get a big benefit for your maternity leave, and also you appreciate income protection for accidents – at no additional cost. Just make sure before becoming pregnant, your coverage begins!


Article publié pour la première fois le 23/09/2015