Maternity Leave Laws in Indiana

Maternity Leave Laws in Indiana – Indiana laws provide you job protection while you’re away from work on maternity leave. Indiana maternity leave laws and regulations adhere to guidelines set forth in the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA). Staff members at the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD) are accountable for reviewing and updating the laws. Employees and employers can plan for simple leaves of absence following the birth or adoption of a kid by becoming familiar with the laws.

Time Off Before the Baby Is Born

In accordance with the Department of the Indiana SPD along with Labor FMLA, you can take time off prior to the arrival of your kid. Check with your company to find out whether they have added rules that enable you to take medical disability time off should you have pregnancy complications that doesn’t change your maternity leave time. You are responsible for communicating with your employer (whether you work for a private firm or a government organization) the dates which you expect to begin and return from your maternity leave.

Minimum Time Off

It’s possible for you to take up to 12 weeks of paid maternity leave in a one year interval in Indiana. Time that you just take off due to pregnancy complications, like morning sickness, prior to the arrival of your child counts against this 12 week minimum. Some companies permit you to take as much as six months of paid maternity leave time determined by how many years you’ve worked at the firm. Check with your employer’s human resources section to determine if you’re eligible for additional maternity leave beyond what Indiana law mandates that you just receive. While you are out on maternity leave your job is protected while you are out during the minimum maternity leave period along with your position fills with another permanent hire.

Irregular Leave

Indiana companies are not needed to permit employees to take half of their maternity leave immediately following the arrival of their child along with the other half several months after the kid has been born. For example, your employer does not have to let you take eight weeks of maternity leave time immediately following the birth of your child and another four weeks off after your child turns six months old.

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