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Job for Pregnant WomenBeing pregnant is one of the most beautiful yet hardest phases for a woman. Moreover, things can get harder for pregnant women when conditions forced her to look for job during her pregnancy. There are many factor of why a woman has to look for Job for Pregnant Women at such delicate time of her life. Firstly she might already in the process of job hunting before the pregnancy and decide to continue looking despite her condition. Secondly she might find the paycheck from her current job wasn’t enough to support her future with the baby so she’s looking for more lucrative job other place. Thirdly, the woman might find herself thrown back to the work market because the organization where she worked before let her go while she is pregnant.

Whatever the motives, it wasn’t easy for anyone to look for Job for Pregnant Women due to many reasons.  The most obvious reason is the physical barrier of carrying a baby inside of your belly for months.  To ensure the healthiness of the expected baby, the mom should avoid activities that demanding too much physically; while on the other hand job hunting can be a really tiring and frustrating activity. Another reason is the emotional factor; as it’s mentioned before job hunting could be a really frustrating activity and with the pregnancy and its notorious hormonal mess up, the frustration during the job hunting process can be unbearable.

working while pregnant job for pregnant women tips

Tips on Looking for Job for Pregnant Women

While the reasons mentioned above come from the mom (internal factors), there are also difficulties that pregnant women might encounter from the prospective employer. Some pregnant job hunters might find themselves discriminated as the interviewers prefer applicants who are not pregnant. Indeed in USA there are laws against such discrimination, however it’s quite hard to prove the case as choosing employee is often subjective matter hence the discrimination is still happening out there.

While we know that looking for job for pregnant women is far for being ideal, there are several ways to make it less excruciating experience. Here we will provide several tips to help you make better and smarter decision during your hunt for Job for Pregnant Women:

  • Find out more about your prospective jobs

If you already have a job and expecting a better one by looking for another Job for Pregnant Women you’d better make sure that your expectation matches the reality. Before you decide to take or apply for another job, look for what the new job has to offer. Is it offering more family friendly environment, affordable insurance that will also cover your child, and less demanding on business-related travel? Also find out the details about maternity leave you will get, and how much time you will have before having to work again. Finding those information will give you clearer idea whether the job worthwhile “the pregnant job-hunting”.

  • Be Realistic

Hunting a job for pregnant women is a really demanding activity. The physical toll for running from one interview to another itself could be dangerous for the mom’s and baby’s health. Even more so, the emotional pressure you could get when things don’t turn out as you want or the stress you get when you eventually get the new job could be costly. Knowing that, you have to make your health the number one priority and never push yourself too hard during the job hunting period.

  •  Hiding Your Pregnancy

To avoid getting discriminated just because you are expected a baby, you can keep the pregnancy as secret during the whole hiring process. It is a legitimate way to defend your right to be treated equal as the USA laws forbidding the interviewer to ask about pregnancy and you also don’t have to reveal about it. This will help you and the interviewers to focus on your qualifications rather than your pregnancy status. If later the company shows strong interest to hire you, you should mention about the pregnancy while also asserting that you will be able to work effective and committed despite the challenge. For further info or if you just want to share about your problems as a pregnant job seeker you can visit some website that focused on women issues.

List of Job for Pregnant Women at Home

If you feel that looking for job outside is too dangerous for your health and the expected baby you can always looking for job for pregnant women at home.  Here we will provide a list of home-based job that can be really ideal for pregnant women. They are:

  • Customer Service

Currently there is a trend among companies to move their customers service jobs from outsourcing company to home-based workers. This job is very ideal for pregnant women as it demands very little physically while still offer quite decent paycheck. The opportunity is wide open as more and more companies.

  • Online tutor

Second home-based job for pregnant women is online tutors. By utilizing internet connection pregnant women can help students from around the world with school assignment, homework or exam preparation. This tutoring job is needed for wide range of age group, from kindergarten up to college various subject from math, history and English.

  • Direct sales

Next home-based job for pregnant women is direct sales business. This is one of the most popular home-based job not only for pregnant women but also millions housewives all around the world. You can start earning money by product products of a direct sale organization as soon as you buy starter kit from them. However you have to be cautious in choosing the direct sales companies to avoid getting scammed.

  • Data Entry

The fourth job on our list of ideal job for pregnant women is data entry operator. The work description for this job is quite simple; you only have to type information into forms. The job here paid bases one quantity of completed work as well as the speed. You can find this job for pregnant women easily on the internet.


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