Job Discrimination for Pregnant Women

Job discrimination for pregnant women is also well-known as pregnancy discrimination. Sounds unfair? But this becomes a common thing in a company where a woman must be treated unfairly by her boss because of her pregnancy, or other case like childbirth and a medical condition related to this condition.

pregnancy-discrimination-at-workplace Job Discrimination for Pregnant Women

Fact about About the Job Discrimination for Pregnant Women

The job discrimination for pregnant women makes some women conceal their pregnancy, because they are afraid of being treated unwell by their boss in some cases. Due to the needs of fulfilling daily needs, there are still many pregnant women prefer still go to work instead of staying at home. Thus, the job discrimination happens. In early of 1978, Pregnancy Discrimination Act said that it was more than half of working woman quit from their job while they were pregnant. However, nowadays we still find that a number of women are still working even they are pregnant.

Background story about the Job Discrimination for Pregnant Women

The significant factor why most company rejects to employ the pregnant women is because of their working productivity. The company considers that pregnant women cannot be as productive as women who are not pregnant. If they are not productive while they are working, then it will influence to the company’s performance. Productive here means that the pregnant women may not focus on their works because of some cases might appears relate to their condition. This will absolutely disturb the result of their works.

In accordance with the prevention of the job discrimination for pregnant women, there is a Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This regulation might valid thru every company, so the pregnancy discrimination can be prohibited. Many forms of discrimination you might encounter because of mating will also be covered by Title VII. Based on Title VII, the Family and Medical Leave Act, or both laws can be considered as a violation done by pregnancy discrimination depending on the type of discrimination. You should not have to be worried, because for every woman who is pregnant, having physical condition qualifying them for disability and leave under company policy will also be covered by Title VII.

After giving birth; it means that you are no longer pregnant, but of course you will need some days off to recover your condition. Thus, the Title VII will legally cover you when you are miscarriage or abortion. However, it seems there are still much discrimination happen nowadays, and the worst discriminations have been experienced by the women with the low-income jobs. One thing about job discrimination for pregnant women is people who work in law must strengthen the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, so there will be no more pregnancy discrimination issues in the future.


Article publié pour la première fois le 07/09/2015