Ibuprofen While Breastfeeding

Ibuprofen While Breastfeeding – When a woman is pregnant, there are so many cautions that must be concerned and there are also many rules to be followed so the baby can be delivered healthily along with the mother but after the baby is born, there are still things to concern about especially when you breastfeed your baby. It is often questioned by many mothers about Ibuprofen while breastfeeding, is it allowable or not. If you ask if Ibuprofen is safe, then the answer will be yes especially when this is used in the first and second trimester of pregnancy for the relief of mild to moderate pain, fever and inflammation. Of course, there is concern with intake of ibuprofen and medications containing ibuprofen in the third semester and it is suggested by many obstetricians that medications considered safe in all trimesters of pregnancy and Nuprin, Motrin and Advil are included in the common names for ibuprofen often consumed. Even if ibuprofen is said to be safe when consumed, you still need to know that ibuprofen is an over-the-counter and prescription medication that may not be alright to be consumed by all pregnant women. There is only a consideration that ibuprofen is safe during the first and second trimester of pregnancy even though ibuprofen intake has been linked during the first trimester to gastroschisis by a few studies.

Ibuprofen While Breastfeeding Side Effect

Every medication’s consumption will have some side effects and risks and Ibuprofen while breastfeeding is still questioned if it will be like during the pregnancy. The condition is even found rare and the increased risk cannot even be replicated by the study so there is some debate about the connection so up to now, it is still questionable enough. Ibuprofen intake has also been associated in early pregnancy to possible increased risk of heart defects by some studies.

That the birth defects associated with ibuprofen intake in the third trimester of pregnancy is even proven by some studies and there are some effects that need to be understood by you. There is an effect while trying to conceive; it is not found about the connection between ibuprofen use and male infertility but there is an association with female infertility or difficulty conceiving. It has been shown by the studies that there is a possibility of connection between unruptured follicle syndrome and ibuprofen use and the unruptured follicle syndrome is led when the mature egg is not released into the fallopian tube; the syndrome has an association with chronic use of ibuprofen. There are also effects on pregnancy like an increased risk of miscarriage associated with ibuprofen use reported by some studies so women are cautioned about consuming ibuprofen. Fortunately, ibuprofen is only need to be concerned during the pregnancy since it is mentioned that Ibuprofen while breastfeeding is safe. If you are now breastfeeding your baby, you are allowed to use ibuprofen. The medication is mentioned to be passed to the infant, but it is just small when we talk about the amount and you do not have to worry about the effects since there are none. You still need to consult your doctor even if it is said that Ibuprofen while breastfeeding is safe. Tell your doctor about you have a plan to consume ibuprofen and see what his response. Images: huffingtonpost.com, nursingnurture.com.

Article publié pour la première fois le 29/09/2015