Sample of Maternity Leave Letter – Before, During Leave, and After

Sample of Maternity Leave Letter – Nowadays, there are so many business women can be found easily on most office. However, it has to be noticed that most of them have the right to get their maternity leave when they are pregnant. As the effect, most of them will seek for a sample of maternity leave letter. They have to make a maternity leave letter to get their rights without leaving unpaid.

Anyway, other than the maternity leave letter sample itself, there are also some of the important things which should be prepared. For most of the pregnant women who work, they will also need to consider about their job other than their babies and her health. As the result, they will have also considered some things before they start make the maternity leave letter.

The Basics

When you want see most of the sample of maternity leave letter, you will see some various forms and things included inside, depends on each women needs. So when you want to make any maternity leave letter, you cannot immediately copy the form from sample of maternity leave letter which you found in the internet. Here are the lists of things that you should consider first:

How long you will leave?

This question is important because you will need some extra time not only for giving birth, but also keeping your baby for breastfeeding and your own rejuvenate. As the effect, you have to consider how much time that you will have to use.

When you will start and deliver this letter?

This is important because perhaps you will have to make an appointment or meetings with your supervisor. Moreover, you will also need to avoid some misunderstanding during your leave. Make sure that you have good words and keep the relation between you and your supervisor/company. When you are reading most of the references, you will see that most of the women who give this maternity leave letter will deliver this letter on their third trimester. This is because their pregnancy will be noticeable and most of the supervisor will let most of them to have their maternity leave.

sample of maternity leave letter


Will you back to work again?

This is important because you will have to keep your relationship with the company if you still want to keep working. So when you decide to work again after your leave, there will be some other things that you have to prepare. Besides, you will also have to write the information about it in the letter.

Maternity Leave Letter Forms

There are some forms of maternity leave letter if you see on most of the sample of maternity leave letter. In most of the sample of maternity leave letter, you will found that they will use some main idea which cannot be omitted from the letter. Here is one of the things which usually included on most sample of maternity leave letter.

  1. The name and address of your supervisor
  2. Date of the letter
  3. Introduction which include the reason for giving this maternity leave letter
  4. The date that you ask for your leave
  5. A request for your supervisor to approve the letter

All of the information included there are just some of the important things that you cannot omit when you want to make a maternity leave letter. This form can be seen on most of the sample of maternity leave letter which has shorter forms.

Anyway, you have to note that you will have to use the language which are not confusing and directly show your happiness and your needs. If you really concern about your relationship with the company, you can add some of the additional information such as:

  • Additional information from your doctor
  • The co-worker which will replace you during the leave
  • The list of projects that you will do before, during and after your leave

Back To Work

When you decide to back on your work, there are several options that you can choose. You can choose to work at home for some of the first month or you can just take part-time instead of working full time. In the end, you can choose it depends on your babies and your condition. However, you just have to note that the things that you write on your maternity leave letter will affect the decisions.


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