Pregnancy Discrimination Know Your Rights!

Pregnancy Discrimination - Know Your Rights!
As a starting point one thing should be made very clear: You cannot be discriminated against for being pregnant! You cannot be fired. You cannot be refused employment. You cannot be demoted. You cannot be docked pay. Unfortunately, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence that once a woman becomes pregnant her formerly nice and... more →
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Pregnancy & Disability Discrimination Laws in California

Pregnancy Discrimination Laws in California
Employer Retaliation is Illegal One major problem with respect to California workplace rights is employer retaliation. Retaliating against an employee in California is against the law if the employer does so for protected employee activity. Protected activity under state laws creates specific safeguards for workers who make a report... more →
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Ibuprofen While Breastfeeding

Ibuproven While Breastfeeding1
Ibuprofen While Breastfeeding – When a woman is pregnant, there are so many cautions that must be concerned and there are also many rules to be followed so the baby can be delivered healthily along with the mother but after the baby is born, there are still things to concern about especially when you breastfeed your baby. It... more →
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Jobs for Teenage Mothers Guides

Jobs for Teenage Mothers
Jobs for Teenage Mothers. Teens that are pregnant in their early ages face a strong battle for nurturing their children, to fulfill their daily need as well as their education. There are many cases where pregnant teens are dropped out from school, it leaves them with lack of education. Thinking about the big responsibility they will... more →
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Short Term Disability for Maternity Leave

For women who are working and then they are pregnant, it must be worrisome because there are many things to handle for getting maternity leave and it is even questionable about the short term disability for maternity leave meaning it is often asked if short term disability can be used for maternity leave. Some companies allow this... more →
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Maternity Suits For Work: Be Fashionable And Professional During Your Pregnancy

Maternity Suits For Work
Appearance is important aspect for many professional female employees. Most female employees consider it is important to have smart and authoritative appearance. It is especially if they are working in supervisory or management positions, healthcare field position, and other legal professions. When you are getting pregnant, you might... more →
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What To Know About Disability Leave For Pregnancy

Disability Leave For Pregnancy
Disability Leave For Pregnancy – Pregnant women will have the right to leave their working environment for birth preparation. The law itself defines Pregnancy Disability Leave or PDL as the period when the employee is taking the disability leave due to the pregnancy, childbirth, and other related medical conditions. By using... more →
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Work Stress In Pregnant Women Affect The Baby Weight

Work Stress In Pregnant Women
Levels of work stress in pregnant women greatly affect the weight of the baby to be born. And that, according a research as bad as the women smoked during pregnancy. RNW released work stress in pregnant women is as bad as smoking. And the baby’s weight to be borne, directly proportional to the level of stress due to working... more →
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Risk of Work During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Work Risk Assessment
Risk of Work During Pregnancy – A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby, or both. Yes, women are tough and they can do the work of any man, but your baby is not so tough right now. High-risk pregnancies require management by a specialist to help ensure... more →
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Stylish Maternity Clothes For Work

Stylish Maternity Clothes for Cheap
Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments for women. However, the progress is not always easy. Not only experiencing sick and nauseated feeling, but women also experience body change. When your body is gaining weight due to pregnancy, you might lose confident and feel that you are not beautiful anymore. You do not need to worry since... more →
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