Return To Work After Maternity Leave: What You Should Do When You Go Back To Your Place

Return To Work After Maternity Leave
Working mothers will experience many challenges. Not only preparing the leave for baby birth process, but they might face challenges when they will return to work after maternity leave. You do not need to worry since returning back to work can be quite smooth if you have careful plan. There are some things which you should do when... more →
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What To Know About Disability Leave For Pregnancy

Disability Leave For Pregnancy
Disability Leave For Pregnancy – Pregnant women will have the right to leave their working environment for birth preparation. The law itself defines Pregnancy Disability Leave or PDL as the period when the employee is taking the disability leave due to the pregnancy, childbirth, and other related medical conditions. By using... more →
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Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms : Balance Your Career And Children Nursing

Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms
Breastfeeding Tips For Working Moms – After giving birth to the baby, many mothers need to return to their working place. Not many working mothers are facing problem with breastfeeding. Most women will ask the question whether they can continue the breastfeeding process after they return to work. Do not worry about it since... more →
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Job Hunting While Pregnant: Protection and Steps

Job Hunting While Pregnant
Job hunting is common to do by woman nowadays. However, some of the women are still asking it is okay for them to do job hunting while pregnant or not. Some of them will concern a horror question about when they will tell the company about the pregnancy. However, in job hunting while pregnant, it is necessary for these pregnant women... more →
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Work Stress In Pregnant Women Affect The Baby Weight

Work Stress In Pregnant Women
Levels of work stress in pregnant women greatly affect the weight of the baby to be born. And that, according a research as bad as the women smoked during pregnancy. RNW released work stress in pregnant women is as bad as smoking. And the baby’s weight to be borne, directly proportional to the level of stress due to working... more →
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Stylish Maternity Clothes For Work

Stylish Maternity Clothes for Cheap
Pregnancy is one of the happiest moments for women. However, the progress is not always easy. Not only experiencing sick and nauseated feeling, but women also experience body change. When your body is gaining weight due to pregnancy, you might lose confident and feel that you are not beautiful anymore. You do not need to worry since... more →
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Pregnancy Risk Assessment – How To Keep Pregnant Women Workers Health

Pregnancy Risk Assessment
Since there are so many woman workers nowadays, the government has made so many laws to protect them, especially pregnant women. Pregnancy risk assessment is one of the things which all of the company need to do with the pregnant women to keep them healthy and prevent any harm which may happen to the pregnant women. What is Pregnancy... more →
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Maternity Leave Plan for Your Baby And Finance

Maternity Leave
Maternity leave is the period where the new mother needs to take off from work due to the birth of her baby. There are many companies which have similar policies for the fathers. The new fathers are allowed for paternity leave. As basic information, the maternity leave comes from various benefits including vacation, sick leave, holiday... more →
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Pregnancy Discrimination Claims – Tips and Advice

Pregnancy Discrimination Claim
Pregnancy Discrimination Claims. Pregnancy discrimination can be found in any country.  It can be happened because the women position is often underestimated and considered as the weakest person.   Sometimes, they can be treated unfavorably and unequally by their employers. It can happen when the women are on pregnancy, having... more →
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Idee Regalo Neonato

LISTA-NASCITA.IT:PARTE DA MODENA LA PRIMA PIATTAFORMA ONLINE IN ITALIA PER LA CREAZIONE, CONDIVISIONE E GESTIONE DI UNA LISTA-REGALI LISTA NASCITA è l’innovativa piattaforma di eCommerce della modenese Illana Rozenekche implementa la gestione completa online di una lista-regali permettendo la condivisione con i maggiori social-networks.   Dopo... more →
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